• 王正波 (Zhengbo Wang)


    一、教育与工作经历 Education and working experiences

    • 教育经历
    1. 1997.9-2001.6:湖北农学院动物科学系,农学学士
    2. 2001.9-2004.6:甘肃农业大学动物医学院,基础兽医学,获得农学硕士学位
    3. 2004.9-2007.6:甘肃农业大学动物医学院,基础兽医学,获得农学博士学位

    1. 1997.09-2001.06: Department of Animal Science, Hubei Agricultural College, B.S. in agriculture
    2. 2001.09-2004.06: College of Veterinary Medicine, Gansu Agricultural University, M.A. in agriculture
    3. 2004.09-2007.06: College of Veterinary Medicine, Gansu Agricultural University, Ph.D in agriculture
    • 工作经历
    1. 2018.8至今:昆明理工大学灵长类转化医学研究院,副教授
    2. 2017.1-2018.8:中科院昆明动物研究所,副研究员
    3. 2010.10-2016.12:中科院昆明动物研究所,助理研究员
    4. 2007.8-2010.9:中国科学院动物模型与人类疾病机理重点实验室,博士后,神经生物学,合作导师:胡新天研究员

    1. 2007.08-2010.08: Post-doctoral, Key Laboratory of Animal Models and Human Disease Mechanisms of Chinese Academy of Sciences & Yunnan Province (AMHD), Chinese Academy of Sciences
    2. 2010.10-2016.12: Assistant professor, Key Laboratory of Animal Models and Human Disease Mechanisms of Chinese Academy of Sciences & Yunnan Province (AMHD), Chinese Academy of Sciences
    3. 2017.01-2018.12: Associate professor, Key Laboratory of Animal Models and Human Disease Mechanisms of Chinese Academy of Sciences & Yunnan Province (AMHD), Chinese Academy of Sciences
    4. 2018.12-Now: Associate Professor, Institute of Primate Translational Medicine, Kunming University of Science and Technology
    5. 2018.12-Now: Yunnan Key Laboratory of Primate Biomedical Research, Professor

    二、主要研究方向 Research Interests

    1. 神经退行性疾病猕猴模型的构建
    2. 基于猴模型的神经退行性疾病治疗研究


    1. Modeling neurodegeneration diseases in monkey
    2. Treatment of neurodegeneration diseases based on NHP models

    三、科研领域描述 RESEARCH FILEDS



    Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Parkinson's disease (PD) are the top two neurodegenerative diseases. The cause and precise pathological mechanism of AD and PD remains unclear. Most of the current clinical drugs are mainly based on experimental data of experimental animals such as rodents. Due to the dramatic differences in physiological structures and behavioral phenotypes between the animals and human beings, these drugs are effective in the animal models, but most are failed in clinical trials. Compared to rodents that are inbred,nonhuman primates(NHPs are outbred. Behavioral outcome measures such as finemotor skills, which are affected in PD, can be easily tested inNHPs but not in other large species, like pigs.Clinically relevantbehavioral outcome measures are critical to determinethe efficacy of the strategy.TheNHPs, whose brain morphology and function like human beings, are used to develop new models that may be more suitable for preclinical therapeuticdevelopment.

    四、承担科研项目情况 Fundings

    1. 国家重点研发计划项目:发育代谢复杂疾病灵长类动物模型的创制与临床前研究,2018YFA0801403,2019-2024,224.1万元,子课题组长
    2. 国家自然科学基金地区基金项目,31960120,基于非人灵长类猕猴PD模型神经干细胞黑质原位移植治疗研究,2020.1-2023.12,40万,主持
    3. 云南省自然科学基金面上项目,猕猴黑质神经干细胞移植存活、分化及投射研究,2018.1-2021.12,10万,主持
    4. 973项目,2015CB755605,灵长类模型神经回路成像研究,2015.1-2019.8,349.4万,子课题组长
    5. 国家自然科学基金面上项目,81771387,阿尔兹海默病(AD)猕猴自发模型的筛选鉴定,2018/01-2021/12,80万,参加
    6. 国家自然科学基金面上项目,81471312,建立阿尔茨海默病(AD)转基因猴模型,2015/01-2018/12,150万元,参加
    7. 中国科学院战略性先导科技专项(B类),XDB02020500,学习与记忆相关脑区之间的神经网络活动规律,2012/01-2016/12,866万,课题骨干
    8. 973项目,2007CB947703,猕猴神经干细胞转化为神经元过程中,功能性回路形成的特征研究,2007.1-2010.8,538.95万,课题骨干


    1. National Key Research and Development Project (2018YFA0801400), 2019-2024,2,241,000,Co-PI
    2. Natural Science Foundation of China (31960120, 2017-2020, ¥400,000, PI.
    3. 2018-2021: “Study of Survival, differentiation and projection of macaque substantia nigra neural stem cell transplantation”, Project on Yunnan Natural Science Foundation,(Grant No. 2018FB052) , 100,000,PI
    4. 2015-2018: “Imaging study of primate model neural circuit”, 973 Project,(Grant No.2015CB755605),3,494,000 Sub-PI
    5. 2018-2021: “Screening and Identification of Spontaneous Model of Alzheimer's Disease in Macaque”, NSFC, (Grant No. 81771387), 80,000;principal member


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    六、授权发明专利 Patents

    1. 杨上川,张玉华,胡新天,王正波,胡英周,用于磁共振的大动物头部固定装置(申请号: 201320520310.7),中国, ZL 201320520310.7。
    2. 杨上川,胡新天,王正波,吴晶,双向微电极推进器及微电极(申请号:201320190992.X),中国, ZL 201320190992.X。
    3. 杨上川,胡新天,王正波,胡英周,用于大动物立体定位仪的耳杆高度可调耳杆座(申请号:201320175021.8),中国, ZL 201320175021.8.
    4. 杨上川,胡新天,王正波,王文超,马原野脑微量组织取样器(申请号:201210110829.8),中国, ZL 201210110829.8。


    1. ZL 201320520310.7,Head Fixation Device for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Large Animals. (Utility model patent)
    2. ZL 201320190992.X, Bidirectional microelectrode thruster and microelectrode. (Utility model patent)
    3. ZL 201320175021.8, Adjustable ear rod height for stereotaxic locator of large animals. (Utility model patent)
    4. ZL 201210110829.8, Sampler of the microcomponent of brain. (Patent for invention)


    1. 科研助理:要求获得硕士及以上学历,畜牧或兽医专业优先,有动物工作经验;具有独立工作能力和合作精神,善于交流,有良好的文字表达能力和协调沟通能力。
    2. 博士后:神经生物学、细胞生物学等专业博士毕业3年以内,以第一作者发表过SCI论文。
    3. 硕士研究生:欢迎优秀的本科生报考或调剂神经生物学专业硕士研究生。