• 魏景宽(JingkuanWei)



    Email: weijk@lpbr.cn




    2003.9-2008.7: Hebei Agricultural University; Bachelor in Biology

    2008.9-2015.7: Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; PhD in Neuroscience

    2015.9- present: Yunnan Key Laboratory of Primate Biomedical Research, Institute of Primate Translational Medicine, Kunming University of Science and Technology; research scientist


    1. 重大神经系统疾病中的大脑皮层功能异常及其挽救手段
    2. 基于非人灵长类动物模型的干细胞治疗和基因治疗安全性和有效性评价

    My research interest is to understand and develop treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Parkinson's disease (PD) and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I work in to investigating mechanisms linked to genetic and molecular pathways, explore therapeutic approaches, and identify biomarkers that may be used to monitor disease, and seek safe neuroprotective strategies to prevent, slow or stop the death of brain cells.




    In human, the cerebral cortex is the control center of sensory and motor. Structural changes and functional disorders involve in the cerebral cortex, such as PD and ALS / FTD. Technical and ethical challenges have limited our understanding of the pathological processes directly from human patient, and differences in the neocortical structure, complex neuronal circuits and behavioral paradigms preclude translating pathological findings from mouse models to the human condition. We use non-human primate models to simulate the characteristics of human diseases. By combining technologies of multiple disciplines to track and analyze the pathological process, explore the pathogenesis of diseases, and find effective solutions of disease treatment.


    1. “干细胞重大专项”:干细胞的基因组稳定性调控机制及在重大神经疾病猴模型中临床前评估(子课题2018YFA0108503),2018-2022,骨干。
    2. PD脑皮层EEG时相耦合特征提取-基于转基因猴模型的研究,2018FB118,2018-2021,主持。
    3. “干细胞及转化研究”试点专项:靶向基因编辑建立神经系统疾病猴模型及干细胞治疗研究(子课题2016YFA0101401),2017-2020,骨干。
    1. “Stem Cell and Transformation Research” Special Funds of National Key Research and Development Project: 2018YFA0108503, Preclinical evaluation of neural stem cells in monkey models of major neurological diseases. 2018-2022.
    2. Yunnan Provincial Natural Science Foundation: 2018FB118, Time-Coupled Oscillations Extraction of PD Cortex EEG: A Study Based on Transgenic Monkey Model. 2018-2021.
    3. “Stem Cell and Transformation Research” Special Funds of National Key Research and Development Project: 2016YFA0101401. Using Targeted Gene Editing to Establish a Neurological Diseases and Stem Cell Therapy Monkey Model. 2017-2020.


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